Saturday, October 6, 2018

October 6th: Hey, We May Have Lost Game 1, But At Least We Don't Have a Domestic Abuser on Our Team

Truthfully, I debated if I should wait until after today's ALDS Indians/Astros Game 2 to blog, but I've got ten minutes of nervous energy before the first pitch, so I figured I'd share some thoughts about Game 1.

It didn't go so great for Cleveland.  It didn't go great at all.

Kluber wasn't exactly a mess, but he wasn't the unhittable Corey Kluber.  In fact, he became quite hittable as the day went along.  How does three Houston home runs sound for our ace?  Sounds like what he gave up.  Then the bullpen came in with mixed results. The most impressive was Adam Cimber.  Cody Allen of course gave up the 4th home run our pitching staff would allow in the 7-2 defeat.

And our offense?  Snoozin'.  There was barely anything noteworthy goin' on there.  It was sad.  It was hard to watch.  It was all of my worst fears for our postseason woes come to life.

I am hoping against all hope that they got all those heebie-jeebies out of their system yesterday and can bounce back with a big win today.

I'll save my rant about Astros reliever Roberto Osuna for another day.  But let's just say that watching a domestic abuser be cheered and high fived in a playoff game that my team got bludgeoned in was a very very bitter cherry on top of a shit sundae.

It's 4:36pm so we're moments away from first pitch.  I've got Hammy on the radio.  I'm ready for a big Cleveland win.

Let's gooooooooo.

May the best team win.  May that team be from Cleveland.  Amen.

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